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About Travel Buds

In the new world of legalized Marijuana, our hosts will be immersed in the cannabis culture, partaking in product and whatever other local flavors can be found.

Our hosts will actively seek out interesting characters. For example, finding a cannabis connoisseur and having them regale them and the audience with information about the bud they are smoking.

Advocates on the medical, legal and political side will mined for some good debates along with the occasional opponent, to discover the common fears of legalized marijuana.

The host’s interactions with people while possibly sharing a bong, pipe, pen or joint and probably some local cuisine, promises to be very entertaining.

Legalized marijuana has created a brand new world for the residents of Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada & Washington.

From the retail side to popular tourist destinations and beyond, we’ll find out what all the “buzz” is about.

“Travel Buds” lets you experience all it has to offer without the contact high. So come along with our hosts and share some insight, fun and adventure in their search for a good ‘safe and legal’ high.